Thursday, May 29, 2008

What a crazy day

We knew that we would find out one way or another today. So when the first line appeared, I was a bit puzzled, since it was not the line that says your not pregnant, but it wasn't yet two lines. Suddenly that second line appeared and, well, joy doesn't really capture the feeling... it was incredible. Not a bad way to start the day... but the day was far from over.

We just hung out together for awhile to enjoy the good news, then off to work a full day, which I know that neither of us could focus 100%... though we both gave it a great effort. It's hard to focus on mundane stuff when your mind is exploding over something you've been hoping and praying for for months.

A little bad with the good... I had my badge taken away from me at work unexpectedly, then we were rear-ended on the way home -- just about 2 miles from our driveway! The good thing is that there was basically no damage... thank God (again)!

The last crazy thing today was that a friend of mine asked me to fill in playing goalie for him. This would be my first real game action since I was a little kid. I was nervous but ended up winning the game 6-2. Not too shabby :)

So, that's where we start... the day we found out we were pregnant. Whew! Can't imagine what else is around the corner... but we'll meet it full on with God's grace!

NOW Means Baby Time!

Jon and I have known since July 7, 2008 that it was time to start having children. We've known since 6:30 am this morning that our family will be here soon!

Wow - so unbelievably excited!

Highpoint View!

Jon and I live at Highpoint. Pretty much one of the most beautiful locations around Washington DC. It's actually our wonderful landlady's 'estate' - a Spanish style house built on top of a cliff overlooking the Potomac river. We both have always really liked the name Highpoint. An elevated location.

Here are some pictures of the physical Highpoint.

The view from the top.

The scenic winter view of the river from the side of the house.

So that's what's behind the name. On to the reasoning for the blog in the first place. More than anything I think this page serves as a joint diary of sorts. Some place we can keep a record of our journey. an added benefit is that other people can join in and see what's been going on - eventually. :) We have such a diverse and dispersed family (blood and spirit) that this might be a handy way for people to stay in touch.