Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Such a tease

I know, I know...but I keep getting these awesome pics and just am too impatient to wait for the whole set!  

This picture makes me want to go wake him up and squish him with kisses.  Almost.  Owen's on the road toward sleeping 8 hours consistently - a whole new world for us.  I think I had better let him keep practicing and save all my kisses for the morning.

Don't worry sweet child - I'll have plenty saved up for you once the sun rises.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Another Photoshoot Coming!

Describe, our awesome, totally underpaid photographer was over yesterday for another photo session with the family.  He braved the 92(!) degree heat wave to capture a few family portraits.  Seriously - it was melting.  So much so that Jon had to seek refuge on the cool couch for a few z's to regroup afterwards.  Hooray for summer!  This is the sneak-peak preview shot.    

Owen and I decided that taking pictures was so much fun that we wanted to do it again today.  So we set off in search of a Kinko's to take Owen's passport photo.  Probably should have done that awhile ago - especially now that Jon's hockey team made 2nd place in the league and was invited to play up in Toronto!  Go Stingrays!  A Kinko's, a post office, and another Kinko's later we finally had our snaps.  And one hot baby.  Perfect 90 degree day activity.   

Taking a note from the head of our household, we came home and cooled off on the couch with a few cuddly naps.  Nothing better on a hot summery-spring day.  

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just as it's too bad that babies don't come with instruction manuals it's also a shame that they can't talk.  Just think, you could spend those long hours at night chatting and getting to know one another (So, do you prefer the Mozart or Bach tune playing from your mobile?  Well mother, I find I'm more of a Bach man.) 

Then again, that might ruin the fun of finding out who this tiny person is little by little.  Some people say they figured out certain characteristics of their child before they were born.  My friend Erin's daughter was a wild child in the womb, flipping and flapping and whirling about in her watery home.  On dry land she's the same way - performing in one long, constant dance.  

I guess I can see the same continuity of character in Owen.  In the womb Owen (or Whn) was mellow.  He kindly let me sleep at night and his movements seemed more like exploration than exercise.  Now that he's here, unrestricted by all my other organs, he definitely moves around more.  When he's excited his arms and legs pump and kick like he's running a marathon.  But he is still quite the calm and laid back baby.  He loves to observe and early on he would silently stare at a particularly attractive toy for 20 or 30 minutes, happily sticking his tongue out as he is prone to do when in deep concentration. 

This past week Jon and I noticed that lately when we put on the carrier and go for a walk he cranes his neck to see past our chests, or throws his head back to watch the trees and sky.  So today I sat him face out.  He met with world with quiet, wide eyes - taking in everything in perfect stillness.  I managed to clip all of his fingernails (no small task - can I get a 'what-what!' from all the moms!) while he was distracted by nature.  

Ah babies - I'll never get over how wonderful they are - each one that I know is tiny gem slowly turning and exposing another facet to surprise you.  

My mom is hil-arious!

He totally thinks I'm awesome.

By the is a picture of Jon when he was a baby.  What a cutie - like father like son.  I'll have to scan some of my baby pics later to do a side by side.  

Monday, April 20, 2009


Having  a baby changes a lot of things.  

My photo library was once neatly arranged by event, each one different and represented by a carefully chosen icon of the contained images - a flower, a smiling friend, a family portrait from last Christmas, a captured sunset, the cats, a meal we made, etc.  If you just looked at the icon pictures, my library would have appeared varied and interesting.  

Now the 'events' aren't very clear.  They're actually more like days of the week.  And the images chosen to represent each 'event' are pretty much all the same.  Scanning through is like watching a slideshow with daily pictures of Owen.  Pretty much him growing up in slow motion. 

But I love it.  

BB (That's before-baby) I always thought that I'd quickly be yearning for the stimulation of work.  I thought three months away would turn my brain to mush.  Plus I have a great job - pretty awesome actually that I couldn't really imagine leaving.  

AB (yep after-baby) I noticed that something had rewired my brain.  I actually love being at home with Owen.  Granted, it's only been three months (almost), but he's so easy and fun (gosh - should I say that?).  We sing and dance and cuddle and play.  He still gives me long stretches of time, while he's napping or playing by himself, in which I've gotten long-postponed projects done.  But more than anything - I find being a mom wonderful.  

Yesterday I actually thought..."tomorrow is Monday - YAY!"  

Ok - I'm not saying that I won't ever go back to work.  I plan on going back in part time starting in a few weeks.  My point is just that I'm different now.  I don't know how or the extent of it all, but for me, become a mother was like a new me being unveiled.  New parts of my personality are emerging, old ones are different.  Talents are emerging, new loves, new likes, new hopes and dreams.  It's like I have to get to know myself all over again.  (Seriously - apparently I don't die if I get less than 8 hours of sleep - who knew?)

I knew I was giving birth to a new life...I just didn't realize that new life would be mine. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Two Happy Months!

Owen is two months old today.  He's more alert and aware than ever.  He loves:  eating, naps, staring at his birds, staring at his hands, eating, Jon's voice, taking walks, and smiling. (did I mention eating?)

Look at the beautiful baby chub he's been busy working to gain.  I chose this shot from our photo shoot because he was smiling and got so excited he started flapping his arms.  

Just for fun, here is a side by side with last month.

Yay thighs!