Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I came across this photo and it made me smile.  

Owen dragged Jon up and down the escalator until a tired mom called it quits.  

'Up n down' is apparently a favorite activity.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


The weather was semi cooperative today (43 F feels balmy when compared to the 30 degree or less temps felt around here lately) so Owen, Ever and I bundled up for a walk.  Owen has inherited my tendency to get a little grumpy when not exposed to the outdoors at regular intervals.  Add teething on top and the result was a pretty explosive morning.  Everyone needed a break.  (Maybe not Ever, she slept through most of it - early avoidance tactic perhaps?)

It was still a little windy as we walked around the trails.  As expected, I had to stop Owen from going down to explore the iced pond several times.   Thankfully the fat, slow squirrels caught his attention long enough to get us over the levee.

Nothing, however, could drag him away when the man turned on the leaf blower to clean out gutters on the nearby houses.  He spent over 15 minutes watching the team intently - following them as they moved from one house to the next.  Lost in the manliness that is power tools.

The last few weeks have been a big adjustment for Owen, one that he's handled very well.  As usual, I think it's been a more difficult balancing act for me than for him.  Whereas he flows easily from change to change - testing the limits of his new boundaries occasionally but generally accepting Ever and her permanency -  I analyze his loss for him and bounce from being grateful that he's gained a friend to contemplating the loss of my undivided attention for him. 

I think parents are good at out-thinking their children.

The blessing of higher sight allows us to see more than their limited 'what-I-need-right-now' perspectives.   I need to remind myself of this often.  Owen is happy watching leaf blowers (and the men who wield them) for hours.  He is happy that I can read him 'The Foot Book' 20 times while nursing Ever.  He lives in the moment, with absolutely no thought for why things are different than yesterday.  

And that's a good thing.  

In those moments when I'm overwhelmed by my love for Owen and overly protective of his little heart I remind myself of this.  And I remind myself of how well he is adjusting to our new life structure - an answer to many prayers.   

A hug or kiss and car race later and he's reassured me that I'll be fine.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Winter Love

One good thing about having a baby in the winter months...


Need I say more?

No.  But I will.

Ever is a tiny (but growing) ball of fluffy warm, limp baby pudding (see above pictures). 

Owen is mostly just pent-up energy these days...but whenever I can squeeze a hug out of him I do (every 45 seconds or so...).  He's a solid mound of toddler squishy (if that works).

And Jon is, and always will be, my personal heater of choice.

Between the three of them I can usually find someone to feed my need for heat.  

My odds of surviving the winter look good.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Everly Wren

GI stopped by on Ever's day three to take these beautiful photos of her.  

I fully intend to post more photos and info soon.  I'm learning to juggle with both hands now - and loving every second of it.  These last weeks have shown me how incredibly, absoutely blessed our little family is.  I'm simply soaking it all in right now - storing up every little minute of this precious time.

 I absolutely want to share all those moments with our family - especially those who can't be here right now - so I'll be back posting soon!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Forever for Ever

She is here!

Everly Wren was born Thursday, Dec 2.

She is perfect and I'm completely absorbed with snuggling, kissing, and cuddling her tiny sweetness.

Love love love love love