Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Week 35

This was taken pretty close to Sunday December 28th. People have been commenting on my pregnancy glow and I didn't really take it seriously until I saw this. Wow. Must be all those vitamins I'm taking. :)

It was really surreal leaving the PA family homestead this weekend and realizing that it was the last time I'd be visiting without MY child. Perhaps one or two tears were shed as a mixture of "What!", "Wow!", "Oh my gosh!" were going through my head for awhile afterwards. I am really, really looking forward to the newness.

Week 34

Special treat today...a double photo session. Yeah - we started being really bad about getting these up. So this is from December 21st. Sorry - I tried saying "enhance, enhance" in a really good computery voice but it did nothing for the bad hair day I was having.

Bad hair day but good baby day.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Things we did over Christmas

Read some books...especially about FDR.

Opened REALLY exciting presents.

Took a walk with Pop-Pop.

Took lots of naps, especially with kittens.

Friday, December 12, 2008

London - Report 4

Just to recap the London trip so far (make sure everyone is up to speed)

Great hotel
Russian mob
Sleeping in late
Hyde Park
More Coffee
More Food
Private Bus Tour (wasn't kidding about that)

Ok - now we're ready to wrap it all up.

Narrator: "The sudden realization that, yes, they did already pay for daily breakfast at the hotel gets Jon and Emily up and ready to go early the next day. But, not wanting to change their accustomed schedule TOO drastically, Emily decides to nap for a bit after they eat. She awakes to find Jon on the phone."

Jon (on the phone): "Uh-huh. Ok. Yep. Great. Bye." (hangs up) "Great news! David has taken some time off today, he'll meet us soon for a walking tour of London's hotspots!"

Emily: "Last one to the 'Tube' pays for dinner!"

Narrator: "So they dash off to the subway and meet up with David, in the POURING rain at Oxford Circle."

David, embracing the true London spirit, needs no umbrella. But it is seriously pouring. In this picture it looks like it's raining snowflakes and giant balloon snowmen...but it's not...just plain rain.)
Narrator: "The trio brave the rain through town stopping (in a cafe of course) to wait for the clouds to clear. They are rewarded with some dramatic views of Big Ben, Trafalger Square, a market, and a crazy window (ok...maybe the last one wasn't really a reward)."

Narrator: "When evening comes the trio meets up with David's lovely wife Jodi. They take in the city lights for a bit, before dining on Dim Sum with friends."

Emily: "This was such a lovely day. Now we've seen the whole of London. The only thing left to do is meet with the Queen!"

Narrator: "So they did. But the woman posting the pictures of the trip got lazy...so you'll have to tune in one more time to get the REALLY (I'm serious) final segment in the London adventures."

Congratulations Jon!!!

Another semester done.

Another excellent job
pushing through to the finish of papers and test.
You are so brilliant and always inspire me with your dedication
(even when the classes are boring).

Great job this past semester. It's all downhill from here and you'll soon have a little partner to stay up with you on those late nights of reading (while I'm a bum in bed).

I love you and am so proud of you.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

London - Report 3

On Monday Jon and Emily woke to a bright London morning. Too bright perhaps.

Jon (checking clock): "Ummm...Emily? It's 11:30."

Emily: "gasp!"

Narrator: "Wasting not another moment, and full of energy from sleeping 12+ hours, Jon and Emily bundle thmselves together and wander down to Hyde Park..."
"It wasn't long though, before someone (or thing) started grumbling. To appease their hungry tummies Jon and Em stopped in a nearby pub for some breakfast...er..brunch."

Jon: "I feel ready to take on the world after my coffee and meat pie! Let's be adventurous and explore the neighborhood!"

Emily: "Trailblazers!"

Narrator: "So they braved the freezing temps again and walked through the rich, and beautiful neighborhoods of Notting Hill..." (see below map for reference.)

"...and took refuge in another coffee shop to thaw."

Jon: "And now, my dear, a special surprise."

Narrator: "And he wisked her away to a private night tour of London on a double decker bus."

But first...some meat pies at Victoria Station and a little cheese shopping (if you please). Gotta love the Stinking Bishop.

The lights were blazing...

...the sights were amazing...

It was almost magical...in a cold, rainy sort of way.

One last report coming...a day with David Taylor and a date with the Queen!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I love pears

Probably too much. Is this a pregnancy thing? I brought a pear to work today, thinking I would save it for an afternoon snack. But then I thought about it. Once it was in my brain, the idea of a juicy, delicious pear would not leave.

The poor thing couldn't even make it through a photo shoot.

Monday, December 8, 2008

London - Report 2

I need to set a little context before the London adventure story begins. Jon and I are going to London for a GLI meeting that is to take place Friday, November 28th until Sunday, November 30th. (Well, actually at first Jon is just going to go - but I wheedle my way in and we decide that it will be our last big vacation before Whn arrives.)
Enter Jon and Emily - stage right.

Emily: "After the meeting is over let's just stay in the city a few days to play!"
Jon: "That sounds like a great idea! You are a GENIUS and beautiful to boot!"

(I swear that's almost exactly how it went down)

Exit Jon and Emily - stage left. Image of a plane flying across the ocean.

Narrator: "So, with extra full suitcases to last us for the week, we decide to stay an additional 3.5 days. How fun."
Now - Jon apparently has connections because he found us an awesome hotel just north of Hyde Park. We stay just about where the yellow #1 star is on the map.

This is what our hotel looked like when we arrived on the scene.

Enter Jon and Emily. A group of well dressed men are whispering in Russian in the corner and light piano music plays.
Emily: "Jon! This is extravagent! But I feel slightly out of place around this much high-society. And are those men in the Russian mob????"

Jon: "Don't you fret my dear. I know how to handle both the rich AND the Russian mob. Stick with me and you'll be safe."

Emily: "Oooooo. Handsome, brave, AND suave."

Narrator: "To prove his suaveness, Jon takes Emily down the street to a small Greek restaurant for dinner (At the blue #2 star on the map)."

And this is what that looked like.

Part Two: Hyde Park, a Pub, some Coffee, and a Private Bus Tour of London.

Tune in soon!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Week 32

Sorry about missing week 31 - we were in London and couldn't find the perfect background.  Speaking of London...I know, I know. I've been a slacker.  Something about having blogger's block.  It's dreadful.  But I promise to post some fun news from our trip soon.

In sad news...dear Bijou passed away today.  She was a spunky, funny troublemaker who ALWAYS greeted us with jumping and a wagging tail.  

She will be missed.  

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

London in pictures

Hi everyone,

Since internet is so expensive here and we'd rather be out touring than typing, here is a quick photo montage of our adventures so far.  We'll chime in later with some stories to let you know that background of what you're looking at.

Needless to say, we're having a great (albeit it cold) time in London.  Still, it's been a blast.  We're off to see the Queen today and have tea, so we'll let you know how she's doing later.

All the best!

Jon and Emily

P.S.  Happy birthday to my mother!!!!  

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

London - Report 1

Can you find Jon and me in the sea of faces?  

It seems a little bit of an understatement to just say that the first part of our London adventure - the GLI meetings - was amazing.  These people all represented GLI groups from all across Europe, the US, the Caribbean, Mexico, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.  I can honestly say that being there was like being home.  

(Can't wait to hear more about the rest of our London trip?  Check back soon.  Great food, night tours, walking, and fun all included.  Jon is prodding me out the door as I type!  Gotta run!!)

Not sure what GLI is?  Check out the website here.