Monday, October 26, 2009


For those that may not know, this blog is not our first foray into the 'blogosphere'. Years ago, back in the beginning of my journey as a believer and ours as a married couple, I put together this somewhat-scary website on Geocities. The reason I'm 'exposing' myself and my mediocre web design skills is because Geocities will soon be shutting down for good.

What you will see on this website will probably be somewhat surprising to some of you. I was incredibly exuberant at the beginning of my walk as a believer and it is dramatically evident in how I constructed this webpage. Needless to say, I am still as exuberant in my faith - even more so, in fact - but probably slightly less dramatic.

One of the more interesting parts of the website are some pictures I posted from our wedding. (Let me tell you, those falling flowers were hard to make work correctly!)

And for humor, you'll see how we thought we were going to go to Trinidad to be missionaries when, in fact, it was about us being introduced to Elijah Centre, which is now our home church. Needless to say, we deep-sixed our plans to go to the mission field.

So stop by and enjoy my over-use of graphics and such. I lost the password to the site and Yahoo doesn't believe it's me who created it, no matter what I tell them... oh well.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009


"Though summer may have seen the sun slip past it's peak and begin a slow, dimming descent, do not let my spirit succumb to the sucking quiet of early night but rather let it rise up.  Rise with the energy of a new day." 

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I link you a lot...

I should be asleep.  But instead I bring you a little interweb wonderment.  

Dear internet, 

You keep me up at night more than my baby.  But sometimes you have way cool stuff.  Like this.  Thanks.   ~ The newly fonted Emily

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Self Reflection

Owen's first self portrait.  Not too bad.   He already knows that shooting from above makes you look cool.  I guess he saw all those teenagers on facebook doing it.

He wants to grow up to be like his auntie Amy someday.  ;)

Actually - thanks Gina for the picture.

Eight Happy Months!

Owen is eight months.  Over eight months now.  He is huge.  His face is changing shape every day and morphing into a mini version of his father - which means I walk around with a smile on my face constantly.  Watching the two of them together melts my heart.  I carry tissues around with me so I can wipe up heart mush whenever I see them bonding.  

Meet the eight month old Owen:
He is crawling. It's a mix of scooting and army crawl.  He pushes himself off with his toes and pulls himself forward with his fingertips.  Not super energy efficient - but we're working on it.

He babbles all the time.  Mostly blowing bubbles and saying "mamanandabababaaaawaa".  

He loves the cat almost more than mom and dad.  He gets a huge smile on his face when he sees Zoe.   When we say 'kittycat!' he starts looking around. Which is nice.  Finally someone loves her.  And she seems to reciprocate and has been very patient with him - totally out of character.

He is getting slightly more shy  around non-mom/dad/Gina people.  But give him a few minutes and some funny faces and usually he decides you're cool.

I love him way more than last month even.  (whoops...that one is about me...but still true)

Happy Eight Months Owen!