Thursday, December 31, 2009

One for the road


Jon is upstairs putting Owen to sleep.  I can't say enough how much my heart is locked to those two guys.  

It's New Year's Eve.  

I told a friend today that Owen is at that age where he'll probably be up drinking all night.  
Baby jokes are so, so very funny.  Thankfully she's in the same boat and didn't report me to the authorities. 

That said, other than celebrating periodically through the night with my nursing babe, I'm not really feeling the partying.  Maybe it's holidays in general, maybe it's the fact that I've been wearing Jon's fleece shirt for a few days now, maybe it's that a small person felt like dancing at 6am this morning - no one knows - but it's going to be low key.

But - in the spirit of marking the passing of time and all it's milestones - I was thinking today about the places we've come from and traveled through this past year.  2009 was a great year.

I had barely gotten used to writing 09 on everything when suddenly (or not so suddenly since it did take 9 months and 14 hours of labor) Owen arrived.

And instantly I was a mother.  And instantly I was in love.

And we were a family.

Over the next few months, while we watched Owen grow (rapidly), we worked on growing some friendships too.  

Before the year was half way through we uprooted and moved to Baltimore for a year so I could study and Jon could experience a 1.5 hour commute (one way).  Yikes.

To ease the sting of such a commute we soaked our moving weary muscles at the beach - Owen's first taste of sand and surf.

Giving him time to hang with some of his cousins (and an uncle).

Bravely stepping into the mix comes Gina.  See the light - she's like our angel.  Sent from heaven.

Our little house slowly became home.  And we grew a lot of tomatoes.  A lot.

And we are happy.

I hired a cleaning service.

And Owen started walking.

And learned to program computers.

So the year went by.  A year of starting something fresh.  More than likely the type of new that tipped off the first domino in a long series - stretched from here as far as I can see down the road.

More change coming I'm sure.  Remembering to write 2010 on all my papers is probably the least of it.

Here's to newness!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


The end of fall was celebrated with a visit from Nana, 
darling little baby H (who we all loved cuddling),  and

two feet of snow - appropriate to announce the beginning of winter.  It did however scare Gina to warmer climates as she's now vacationing in Florida with her 'real' family.

School was wrapped up with a nice little bow just in time for Christmas Eve festivities
Which darted in then out - probably chasing all the little ones - 

Including out own. A little whirlwind

Interviews have come and gone - new job starts late January - my own little whirlwind.

Our days are now spent playing, napping (Owen), braving the wind for swing time (a small reminder of coming warmer days), counting the extra minutes of daylight as they accumulate, and trying to catch up on life during small moments of peace.

Oh - and prepping for the new year.


Monday, December 7, 2009

A little heaven in each bite

This is for Pete, Ryan, Mike and all the other air-puffed-snack haters out there.

Owen loves Pirates Booty.  I think he'd eat it all day.  In fact, he told me it tastes exactly like a snack they serve in heaven.  

And he would remember something like that.

And he will probably say the same thing about rice cakes.  So there.

117 - going green.

Today I harvested this from our little garden.

Yes, today, as in December 7th.  I figured I should pick the last of them since, oh, you know, it snowed this weekend.

Why are my amazing tomato plants still producing these shiny green gems?  And seriously - there are still flowers as well.   Should I thank global warming?  GMOs?  Baltimore's arsenic and chromium laced soil? My mom??  (the plants were a gift from her)

I just can't get over how many there are. 
(hint - it's in the title)

Anyone know of any good green tomato recipes?  I hate to waste these beauties.

Oh, and thanks mom!

Friday, December 4, 2009

10 Happy Months

About as cute as you can get.  

10 months already?  Owen is one happy walking camper.  He's venturing farther and farther on his own - soon I'll need to start a training program to keep up with him. 

He's definitely looking and acting more like a toddler and less like a baby every day.  I'm glad that I cherished his baby days because they are gone brother, gone. 

Some fun things he's into:

Eating mostly what we easy - for all involved.
Saying Durka,durka,durka (Jessica: I taught him this because of Clara)
Offering me toys to eat

It's awesome.

You are such a great little boy Owen!  It really has been 10 very happy months.

PS:  dear Owen's top teeth,  I really wish you would quit flirting and just come in.  Every time I see a little piece of tooth break through the skin the gums swell up and it looks super painful.'s been weeks now.  Do your thing.  It's so sad watching the little guy grate food with his bottom teeth just to avoid biting down on you.  

PPS:  dear sickness that infected Gina, Owen, Jon, and finally got me tonight,  GO AWAY.  Yes - it is super cute when Owen tries to talk with his gravely, hoarse voice, and maybe his lost ability to squeal in a piercingly high pitch has been nice, but we are done with you.  I'll take a happy, healthy squealing baby over a sad, sick quiet one any day.