Wednesday, March 24, 2010

DC is Beautiful

Especially in the spring.

Owen and I spent time on the Mall today lounging in the sun and stretching out little baby legs after subjecting them to some vaccinations (ouch!)

It was amazing.

If you have never been to DC in the spring please try.  Come during the peak cherry blossoms.  There will be no parking and people everywhere but the puffy pink clouds resting on every tree in sight makes it totally worth it.

I love being in school and contributing to work that helps people but there is NOTHING, nothing, nothing, nothing like spending time with the people I love most and watching this little guy grow.  

Monday, March 15, 2010

Family Visit

The snow brought us some visitors!'s not all dreary!

Leslie, Taylor and DT all came for a too-short and we took advantage of the time with family to see some winter sights in DC. The icy, white background was perfect for some family shots (ummm...I'm starting to feel like a commercial but I PROMISE he doesn't pay me) and we managed to book a last minute session with GI.

Owen and Poobah

We lost Jon and DT for awhile in the museum and can not be held responsible for the results of our boredom.

My niece is so beautiful. And smart, funny, kind - just all around awesome. I'm always so glad to get to spend time with her.

The guys showing off their biceps. :)

It was a really fun trip. Thanks for flying all the way out here guys...let's do it again soon!

Monday, March 1, 2010

13 Happy Months!

We've crossed to the 'other side' - the end of infant years and beginning of toddlerhood.  But I love this small tradition, this little marking of the passing of time and celebration of growth. 

 So here is Owen at 13 months. 

With his best buddy (much to our chagrin) Zoe.  I'm pretty sure that kitty cat will be his first word other than dada.

Toddling is turning to speed walking
7 teeth almost to 8
Babbles and laughs take on more meaning
Baby mush giving way to a more developed and particular palate
Independence slowly growing...

And life is getting more fun.