Friday, May 24, 2013


Owen: cool
Ever: concentrate

Gosh, these two.  In the eb and flow of life this hasn't been the most buoyant of weeks.  But for all those times I am less patient than I'd like to be or someone melts down over some small ego injury I thank God for the newness of tomorrow.  For fresh air and cut grass and bath-time and books and hugs that make sense when things aren't smooth.  For the journey being the destination.  Because it means that I don't have to have it all perfected right now.  I just have to keep moving in that direction.  Slowly.  But surely.

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Owen: trimming the grass. 
Everly: mostly I put this in for the little jelly-bean shaped foot.  But I also loved how she was lining the blocks up carefully and then trying to find a picture match for each one.  And the hat.  

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Building a bed

The kids and I finally finished the new bed.  I can't remember when the idea to build a queen frame/headboard first imbedded itself in my brain...though I'm 99% sure it was born out of the need for more space since a lanky, growing toddler used to starfish himself across most of our full-sized bed nearly nightly.  

Owen stopped co-sleeping months ago but the bed had already been started and - by golly - I had to finish it.  This week we sawed and sanded, hammered and drilled and stained the headboard.   Both kids would have done every job (unassisted, of course) if I had only given them access to the power drill and the saw.  Sanding was our compromise.  And they were surprisingly good at it.  

Owen:  making sure the backing is niiiiice and smooth.
Everly: testing the nearly finished headboard out.