Monday, March 18, 2013


Owen:  wanted stegosaurus hair after bathtime.  I'm happy he has picked a few favorite things.

Everly:  always the pokey puppy.  Reminding us to slow down and observe our surroundings.  

This week I liked:

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

For Aunt Leslie

The mailman brought a surprise to our door a bit ago.  Aunt Leslie sent a KiwiCrate!

One of the best gifts ever.  The kids had such a good time making little pompom pets (named: Teddy Bear, Donkey, Pizza and Rock...sliiiightly better than BeeDohSoupyLa...which was one of Owen's first choices.)

It filled a few afternoons with stickers and building and messes and cutting...the best way to play.

Thanks, Les.  

Monday, March 11, 2013


I could live in those late afternoon hours when the sun is warm but low enough that shadows start to creep out from behind every tree and little rock.

Why are afternoon shadows (in particular) so nostalgic?

Jon and Owen went to explore other areas along the little stream.  Owen was searching for the 'goldfish box' - I have no idea.

Everly played contentedly by herself on our private little beach.  Digging in the sand and talking to herself.  I could hear her describing the house she was tracing out with a little twig...bathroom and dinner table and bedroom.  Both Owen and Ever have active imaginations and I think their days must be filled with little scenes and tiny adventures, unseen except in their own minds.

We always leave the best fun too soon.  But the sun doesn't stay at that perfect angle quite long enough for every adventure to be played out.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Owen: late afternoon hike to a small stream.   A warm day and singing water melted away our longing for a good snowfall.  He's looking forward to more spring exploring.

Everly: snack at the NGA.  We were all tired after a long day but, somehow, sharing this simple salad and staring at the glassed in waterfall gave us a second (or third or forth) wind.  These little moments - eating off of one big plate together and chatting - feel so bonding to me.  And hopefully to them.

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Sunday, March 3, 2013


Owen: back and forth, back and forth with the stroller.  I'm absolutely pleased to see a nurturing spirit developing in him these days.

Everly: walking with her doll.  Until her arms got tired and Owen stepped in to help out.  

Friday, March 1, 2013


The dry grass is trying to hide specks of color.  The first bright sightings in months.

Children have these eagle eyes and can spot almost indistinguishable moments of beauty.

Heralds of the end of grey!

Conjuring up the smell of summer is easy now.  Sunscreen, hot cars, warm skin and hopefully a little salt water.  Hours spent filling up buckets of water and re-inflating the wading pool.  Our thick blue and white blanket will come out of storage and begin hosting picnics again...accompanied by a hunt for new shady spots to lounge under.   The sandbox will need a washing and a fresh infusion of sand.  Open windows in the mornings and humming fans.  The hiking trails will take on a new life and we can ramp up our walks again.  

Our walks!  A craving for slow, meandering walks has been building inside of me.  Our quick, wind blown jaunts have been energizing but not quite as satisfying as returning sweaty and tired after hours of exploring.  (versus coming home with fingers frozen from wet, sucked on gloves.)

The last weeks of cold and tea (so much tea) and warm sweaters and climbing into a chilly bed at night are going to be enjoyed, though!  This winter has been cozy.  It seems every activity one season takes away is replaced with another just as meaningful.  Story time in the tent and cuddling, spices and baking and watercolor sessions have made every grey day worth it and brightened up our time indoors.  

There is something important about slowing things down and turning thoughts and energy inwards during the colder month.  Not a drowsy, unaware hibernation, but a time of simplification and deliberateness.  That much, I feel we have accomplished.  Now ramping up time is near...