Thursday, September 23, 2010

30 Weeks

Ok - so I admit that these are really, really late in getting posted.  I've had them on my computer for a loooong time waiting to be edited.  But they are legit - and better late than never! 

I'm no cleaning whizz...but seriously?

When we moved into our appartment back in June there were a few minor cosmetic details that I was willing to overlook. The carpets are pretty stained...but I have a toddler and spills are a matter of 'when' not 'if'. The back door didn't open without significant heaving but our landlady promised to fix/replace it (yay!!! Finally done!!!). Not all the light switches work but there are a surplus in every room. Not a big deal.

And finally - the linoleum in the kitchen was super worn. It's greying in spots where the traffic is highest. Not super pretty but functional, and it's just a rental - right? At least it's clean.


I have cleaned it 1 to 3 times a WEEK since we've lived here (see above toddler comment). Cleaned as in on my hands and knees scrubbing with pinesol or vinager. And trust me - Owen knows how to throw the stickiest substances into the smallest cracks of linoleum. The boy is a professional. So after spending lots of time scrapping, scrubbing, soaking, prying, scrubbing some more and buffing - I was pretty confident that the floor was clean.

Until today.

Owen and I were 'playing' wash the floor this morning. We both had our wet paper towels - scrubbig away at the dirty spots on the floor. Just to ramp it up a bit (I mean - water's ok but if he's gonna play we might as well get some extra cleaning action, right?) I sprinkled a little baking soda on the spot we were working on.

I was a tad bit shocked to discover that the floor isn't actually super worn.

Nope. It's just dirty.

As in, ground in, someone didn't wash the floor for YEARS type dirty.

I spent the next 30 minutes slowly uncovering our real floor. I only got about 12 little squares done before lunch. This might take awhile.

No 'clean-queen' trophy is in my future, apparently. Or 'most observent' superlative.

On the plus side - Owen's immune system HAS been getting a little more of a workout than I thought.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I love late summer

It was a happy day here. We could relax and nap, clean at bit, hang out with friends, sing Eye of the Tiger (obviously) and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Perfect late summer Saturday.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

27 Weeks

It's a big week around here.  

Yesterday marked 27 weeks for the baby and 19 months for Owen.  Today is Jon's 36th birthday.  Big milestones all around.  

I love my two men so much.

And baby girl and I have been getting lots of bonding time lately - her wiggles are getting stronger and she likes to do a lot of rolling around when I lay down to sleep.  

It doesn't bother me a bit though.  I like to lay quiet and pray for her while she wiggles.  Then I drift off to sleep.  Never had much of a problem with that.

A lot of growing going on around here.  A lot of change on the horizon.  Seasons, family, life...

I'm excited to experience this last trimester...only three more months!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Day in the Life...

or...My Gift to Mom Egos Everywhere.

5:30ish am:  Owen wakes up.  Bring him into bed and spend 45 minutes pretending he is still asleep.  

6:18 am: Pull Owen down from on top of the headboard.  Get up.

6:32 am: Microwave oatmeal.  Just like mom used to make minus the from-scratch part.  

6:54-9:26 am:  Blurry.  I think I changed a diaper.  

9:27 am:  Nap One.  Assume I'll nap later and so spend the time 'working' (aka send an email and then spend the rest of the time checking news and blogs).  Mistake One.

11:05 am: Owen wakes up and begins sounding the traditional get-me-up call of the Northern American toddler.  

11:15 am:  Go get Owen.  

12:36 pm:  Note the increasing size of the pile of dishes in the sink.  Resolve to get to those before 11:30 pm.   Pat myself on the back for being so proactive today.

1:02 pm:  Shoes on, hat on, phone, keys - out the door.  Reconsider since it feels like an oven.

1:06 pm:  Talk to mom on the phone.  Give up trying to get Owen to walk on the sidewalk.  Keep an eye out for cars in the parking lot.  

1:10 pm:  Finally herd Owen down the hill and off the street.

1:12 pm:  Get bitten for the millionth time by a mosquito while attempting a cute photo of Owen.  Get distracted by swatting mosquitos.  

1:13 pm:  Sprint to stop Owen from walking into what looks like poison ivy.  Kind of make it in time.

1:14 pm:  Carry screaming, squirming toddler home.  Get bitten by millionth and first mosquito.

1:45-3:15 pm:  Lay down with Owen.  Pretend to sleep while he practices his judo rolls over my belly.

3:15 pm:  Have a serious talk with Owen about how mommy really needed a nap and now she's kind of grumpy so let's be a good boy until bedtime.  Pray for patience to show him I'm serious.

3:17 pm:  Owen dumps his apples on the floor.  

3:17:30 pm:  Owen dumps his popcorn on the floor.

3:18 pm: Owen screams while I clean him up.

4:45 pm:  Get ready to head to the pool. Realize I'm out of swimming diapers.  I may or may not have decided that Owen doesn't need one.  (I mean...he NEVER poops in the swim diapers and we all know that they are just poop catchers.)

4:50 pm:  Watch as a stream of fluid runs down Owen's leg and into his swim shoes.  (Point made...swim diapers are pee catchers too.)

4:51 pm:  Find poop in the swim shorts.  Clean poop and pee.  Clean carpet.

5:03 pm: Head to pool.  Someone pooped in the main pool (nope - not Owen).  Head to the kiddy pool.

5:20 pm:  Notice Owen chewing on something. old screw.  Consider that he's getting additional iron.

5:21-5:58 pm:  Keep Owen from putting every single piece of trash in his mouth.  Keep Owen from disassembling the pool strainers.  Get a splinter chasing Owen up and down the wooden ramp.

6:03 pm:  Shower at the pool with Owen.  Make a note to bring earplugs next time.  Surprisingly - he also screams if you don't let him stick his own head (BY HIMSELF) under the shower.  Hmmm.

6:10 pm:  Make the mistake of saying we would WALK home.  Apparently the home part is considered optional in some languages.  Carry screaming, squirming toddler home.

6:20 pm:  Let Owen run naked while I take the splinter out of my foot.

6:21 pm:  Realize it's too quiet.  Find Owen sitting in poop.  On the carpet.

6:22 pm:  Shower number two for Owen.

6:27 pm:  Clean floor number two for me.

6:30 - 7:15 pm:  Give in.  Blues clues.  Microwave turkey and a sweet potato.

7:20 pm:  Give Owen my toothbrush since I can't remember where I put his.

7:28 pm:  Pry my toothbrush from a screaming toddler.

7:32 pm:  Owen is asleep.  Marvel at how beautiful he is.  

7:45 pm:  Eye the mountain in the sink (and on the counters).  Decide to blog.

8:05 pm:  Realize that I loved today.  I didn't write about all the hugs and kisses - all the times I got Owen to say 'mama'.  The playing cars and chasing the cat and eating popcorn.  His 'helping' me cook, his 'helping' carry the keys, tickling me at the pool, climbing in the chair next to me to read stories. I'd do today all over - tired, teething tantrums and all.  

I'd just remember the diapers

8:15 pm:  Head in to start the dishes.