Saturday, February 18, 2012

3: The Cake

The request for the 'official' cupcakes was chocolate with chocolate icing.  I used this Hershey's recipe - which I always do.  And it was delicious - as it always is.  

He also requested pizza, green beans and orange slices...but that didn't exactly happen.  At least not all at the same meal.

The three candles took a little effort to blow out.  They're supposed to be sparklers - but seemed to act more like trick candles this time.   It was definitely worth a celebration when they were finally out.

While I planned on something a little more low-key, Owen's third birthday got him quite a bit of attention.  Aunt Leslie was here for the actual day (and the pre-birthday Georgetown cupcake testing), he had a special phone call from Nana while out touring DC on the 1st, a small party with friends and grandparents on the weekend after, and another party with his cousins in PA the following weekend.  

Thankfully he is one level-headed little boy.  I'm not too worried that he'll expect the same royal treatment next year - although he's definitely worth a little celebrating in my opinion!  

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